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As international barriers continue to dissolve, large and mid-size businesses seeking a competitive edge must consider the opportunities for growth and profitability from outside markets.  But it can be daunting to build a worldwide business model from scratch.  Where do you begin?  How do you avoid the common pitfalls?

Whether you are a domestic company looking to outsource production or a foreign company considering expansion into the U.S. market, PKF Boston has the resources and hands-on know-how to guide your efforts.  As a member of PKF International, we can coordinate, oversee or simply participate in a tailored team of professionals from our global network of independent PKF-affiliated firms.

Your global expansion plans may include a merger or acquisition or you may seek to expand by forming a new company.  Either way, we can advise you on the appropriate business structure and assist in your due diligence.  Our distinct PKF International audit approach assures you that both international and any required local auditing standards are incorporated into your consolidated audit activities.