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2017 Clubs in Town & Country


For many clubs, 2016 was a banner year. They turned the corner and members started coming back. However, that result was not consistent across the board. The exclusive clubs’ (A level clubs) recovery remains strong. However, in some areas, there are too many clubs and demand remains weak. From a changing demographic to fluctuations in the economy to a change in people’s attitudes towards private clubs, many of these clubs continue to experience trials. The market is still oversaturated in some areas of the country. 2016 showed a net loss of 220 golf clubs with 230 closing and only 10 new ones opening. The trend of more clubs closing than opening began in 2006. With just moderate growth expected for the economy and the overbuilding of facilities in the 90s, this trend will continue.

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2017 Clubs in Town & Country

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